BR1 – It is a deep social and civil analysis, developed toward feminine dignity, stated under several aspects of costumes, behaviours and habits of lifestyles, both similar and different, that BR1 practices. The Muslim woman is the core of BR1’s whole production –maybe unique within the street-art scenario. The pictures of the works show clearly the way in which BR1’s posters, randomly pasted, are perfectly mixed up, both with urban contest and architecture, and the random observers, by overwhelming them behind and above, to create a kind of authentic environmental installations.
«Billboards are the natural place of advertisement bills. As well as cultural and political bills, commercial bills are the most diffused in the public space and their function is univocal: advertising a product. Billboards stand in the streets like traffic lights, benches or letterboxes, which are all elements with a precise social function. I am not sure that commercial billboards have a social function. But it is possible to interfere with it, entering in this advertising frenetic cycle, pasting up a draw on a billboard, ripping out bills from the billboards or playing with the message of the bill, modifying the meanings of the ads.
The important thing is that people, looking at an ephemeral art intervention, understand that the city can become more livable and harmonious with the presence of art installations in place of commercial advertising.»